Attic Clean Up And Restoration

With years of experience in the wildlife removal industry, Critter Removal Service Evans Maintenance is licensed and highly qualified to deal with any sort of animal infestation in your home.

After our team has removed the animal from your home, we inspect for any damages. Usually, these damages are to less-traveled, out-of-sight places in your home, such as the attic, crawl space, or within ducts.

As a part of our removal services, we offer a full attic cleanup. Attic cleanup consists mostly of cleaning the smelly droppings that the animal has left behind. Our team decontaminates and deodorizes all problematic areas. This not only prevents the smell from seeping into your home but it also prevents other animals from being drawn in and living in your attic. In order to fully eliminate the smell, we spray a bio-shield mist to truly decontaminate. Our team also replaces insulation as necessary.