Attic Restoration

After an infestation, your attic will likely need help to get back to a clean healthy space. Bats, raccoons, squirrels and other creatures can create huge problems and damages in your attic.
All of them create waste. This means urine and feces will have built up in your insulation, walls and other surfaces. Many of them will nest, so nesting materials can be found everywhere in the attic including torn and shredded insulation. There can also be a strong odor finding its way into your home from the attic. That odor can also contain pheromones which will attract even more wildlife. There are also the friends of the animals, the parasites, pathogens and even roundworm. You do not want any of these to be in your home. With years of experience in the wildlife removal industry, Critter Removal Service Evans Maintenance is licensed and highly qualified to deal with any sort of animal infestation in your home.After our team has removed the animal from your home, we inspect for any damages. Usually, these damages are to less-traveled, out-of-sight places in your home, such as the attic, crawl space, or within ducts.

Drywall Damage in Attic

Droppings from any animals can cause damage to drywall. They will urinate on it causing staining and odors. Bats create guano that can accumulate on the drywall as well. Many times the drywall will need to be completely replaced. You will want to have a professional do this as the fumes from waste can be hazardous for humans. Protective gear will need to be worn for safety as the waste is removed first followed by the damaged drywall. Fogging will likely need to be done to rid the attic of the parasites like fleas and ticks as well. Biohazard cleaner is then used to deodorize the space, making it safe. Remember, the area is still dangerous even after the animals are gone. If not properly treated, particles from the waste can potentially enter the HVAC and circulate throughout the home. Keep your family safe, have a professional team clean the area and replace any contaminated drywall in your attic as soon as the animals are removed from the space.

Insulation Damage in Attic

Contaminated insulation is another common problem when it comes to attic infestations. Your insulation will likely be severely damaged if wild animals have been living in your attic. Especially because homeowners are not usually aware they have a problem until it is a big problem. If squirrels, birds or raccoons have been there you will find nests. These creatures will bring debris in with them for the nests but they will also rip pieces of your insulation to build with as well. The insulation can also be damaged by the waste they create. As you can imagine, over the course of several days, weeks or months, a lot of waste will accumulate. This urine and feces will saturate and ruin the insulation. If bats are your problem it will be worse as the guano they produce accumulates incredibly fast and is filled with parasites and histoplasmosis spores that cause respiratory problems in humans if the guano is not properly cleaned. Other surfaces can be deteriorated by guano. It can cause materials to soften and become unstable. The amount of damage they can cause is truly unbelievable.

The dampness created by the animal urine can also promote mold growth. With all of the hazards the waste brings it is best to have insulation removed and replaced by trained experts that will handle it with the proper equipment and safety measures. With many insulation choices out there, considering a moisture resistant, hard insulation may be an option for you. Our team decontaminates and deodorizes all problematic areas. This not only prevents the smell from seeping into your home but it also prevents other animals from being drawn in and living in your attic. In order to fully eliminate the smell, we spray a bio-shield mist to truly decontaminate. Our team also replaces insulation as necessary.

Attic Damage from Animals

The damage does not stop at insulation. Rodents also love to chew, so all electrical wires need to be checked in the attic. Squirrels, mice and rats can cause potential fire hazards by chewing on these wires. We make absolutely sure all electrical wiring is intact after the animals have been removed from the property. Call us for to schedule an inspection of your attic today.