Removing Bats From Your Home, Attic

Do you have bats in your attic? Little brow bats love to find their way into your home. They are commonly found in New Jersey. There are some ecological benefits of bats but at the same time, they can be destructive when they move into your home or business building. If you find bats in your building, call the experts at Critter Removal Service Evans Maintenance. We also offer same-day and next-day services for most animal control problems. Rely on us to get rid of the bats in your building.

The Health Dangers of Bat Infestations
Bats are a great addition to our local ecosystem when they live outside. They feast on many flying insects, including beetles, flies, mosquitoes, and moths. Little brown bats are now federally protected as an endangered species.

But bats moving into your home or business building can be dangerous. They carry bat bugs, which are similar to bedbugs. Bat bugs will infest your home and they have to be removed immediately. When bats enter your building, they leave waste. Their feces can host a fungus which can cause histoplasmosis. This is a dangerous respiratory disease that can be fatal to humans. They can even carry rabies, parasites, fleas, distemper, and other insects.

When you choose us, our staff uses an exclusion method that can remove bats in your attic, house, and walls without even touching them. We make sure that they don’t re-enter your home, so they can continue contributing to our ecosystem without posing a threat to your family.

Learn More About the Behavior of Bats

Bats are most active in the fall and they hibernate during winter. They mate during the fall and seek a warm place to spend the winter. Depending on how warm the place is, they either hibernate or remain active when winter arrives. You may notice an increase in bats during the spring because the females give birth in the late May or early June.

If you see bats in your home or business building, call our experienced team for effective bat removal services.