Protect Your Property From Groundhogs

In New Jersey, groundhogs tear up a lot of lawns. Groundhogs — also called woodchucks — dig large holes and tunnels and they burrow under our porches and patios. If you see a pile of dirt next to your porch, a groundhog may have moved in recently.

Given enough time, groundhog burrows and tunnels can be very destructive to your yard and property. If you see a groundhog on your property, call Critter Removal Service Evans Maintenance. We’ll provide you with complete and experienced groundhog removal services.

Learn More About Groundhog Behaviors and Activities

Groundhogs eat flowers, leaves, plant stems, and grasses. Left unchecked, a groundhog can destroy a garden quite quickly. They can also cause porches and patios to sag and collapse as they dig their burrows. Their dens can be very large, and they dig extensive tunnel systems.

Groundhogs hibernate from October through the winter, but they become active as the temperatures warm. They breed in February and March, and they give birth in March and April. Litters usually have two to nine offspring, so a small number of groundhogs can turn into a large problem quickly.