Keep Squirrels Out Of Your Home Or Building

If squirrels find their way into your Hilton Head home, they can do a lot of damage. They can tear up insulation and damage wiring, potentially causing a fire and cutting out your electricity and cable.

For prompt, effective squirrel control, choose Critter Removal Service. You’ll get professional squirrel removal from an experienced specialist. We do full inspections, animal evaluations, trap setting, and animal removal.

Know More About Squirrel Behavior

When it gets cold outside, your home or business presents a warm, inviting place for squirrels. They want to enter warm spaces during the autumn and winter months for their breeding season. Your home or office building protects them from predators and offers a variety of cozy nesting spots.

Their mating and breeding season runs from late December or early January to late May through early July. Most litters are born in February, March, July, or August. Squirrels typically have six to eight babies, and around half of them survive.

As the cold months arrive, pay attention to the noises in your home. If you hear scratching, skittering, or other sounds in your attic or walls, call Critter Removal Service Evans Maintenance right away. We’ll prevent those squirrels from building their home in your house or business.