Mouse in the House? We Can Help Remove It Humanely

The house mouse is the common and well-known residential pest. Mice have mastered the method of gaining access to your house and also have adapted to living with people. Our homes have become the perfect shelter for feeding, living, and even reproducing. At Critter Removal Service Evans Maintenance, we have the expertise when it comes to catching mice and other critters. We have highly trained experts to practice humane methods of mice removal.

Know More About How Mice Operate and Live

Mice usually stay in the mountains, fields, corn fields, farms, or places where there is ample supply of food. When there is a change in weather, or when it gets cold, mice begin to seek shelter in other places like houses or buildings to keep them warm. They take advantage of their size and sneak through small cracks and holes.

Mice don’t pose any threat to humans. Removing mice can prevent damage and contamination of your food and surfaces. As mice go from room-to-room chewing on things around them, they cause a lot of damage and also leave behind their droppings. Mice hide in places like attics, neglected rooms, closets, and basements.

If you find mice infestation in your home, Critter Removal Service Evans Maintenance is your best choice to remove them. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for you to report rodent problems in your home. Rely on our professionals to evaluate your space, set up necessary traps, and use the best mouse removal method. Call us today!