Skunk Removal

Skunks are one of the most beautiful animals in South Carolina. They are black with long white stripes. They are also the worst smelling animal. But it is not fun to have skunks around your home. Skunks cause problems to Hilton Head homeowners in a number of ways. They will live and nest under decks, dig holes under porches and can live in sheds. They are also known to dig up yards, this is called skunk grubbing. If you are experiencing skunk problems give us a call and have one of our professional removal specialists come out and assess the skunk problem.

Skunk Problems

Customers have skunk problems for a number of reasons. Most common is when skunks decide to live under or around a home. You will notice a small half moon hole where they dig under your front porch or they are under your shed. You could also keep smelling skunks around the house. They may be there just to give birth but in the spring it is common the skunks are giving birth underneath the structure. They like giving birth and raising babies under porches and sheds because there is normally an open space beneath. All the skunk has to do is dig a little hole and it opens up for a perfect skunk breeding ground.

We also get asked a lot, what digs little holes in my yard? This could be skunks. They eat grubs that live in yards. When they locate a grub, mainly by smell, they will dig the yard up and make little funnel-like excavations. This is where he digs until he catches the grubs and eats them. If you are having skunks digging in the yard, it is also a sign that they are living nearby.

How to remove skunks.

Do not attempt to remove Skunks on your own. Being sprayed can be a nightmare as it is very difficult to remove the odor. We are a professional skunk removal company in South Carolina. One of our skunk removal technicians will come out and perform a full site assessment. We will determine if one is living around your property or under your porch. We specialize in no spray skunk trapping. Sometimes we may just opt to trap the skunk and remove it. If the skunk is living under something we may install a skunk one way door to allow it to exit and not get back in. All skunk removal jobs are different and it is best to leave it up to one of our trained skunk trappers.