Snake Removal

For most people the thought of finding a snake in their home or on their property can be a frightening one. If you have a problem with snakes at your home there are several things to consider. Is it venomous or non venomous is the first question that comes to mind. Then you might wonder how to get it out of your home. There are also options when it comes to trapping and removing the reptiles safely. The experts at Critter Removal Service are here to help you make the best choice when it comes to trapping and removing snakes from your residence. We can also advise you on the best ways to prevent snakes from coming onto your property in the first place as well as excluding them from your home.

Snake Trapping and Removal

Most people are not able to identify whether or not a snake is venomous or non venomous. This is an important question and will make a huge difference in whether or not you should attempt removing it on your own. We also realize that some reptile situations require emergency responses.  If you have a snake in your home you probably want it to be removed quickly. Call us right away. If you have seen snakes on your property we can set traps

Snake Control and Prevention

There are many things you can do to prevent snakes from coming near your property, many of which involve food sources. All living creatures need food to survive and reptiles are no exception. Removing any pet food from outside your home or in your garage is a nice start. The most important food source to eliminate, however, is rodents. One thing we know for certain is that snakes love to eat mice. Often the two problems go hand in hand because the snakes follow the mice into the home. If you are hearing scratching in your attic or walls or if you are seeing droppings in your home you likely have a rodent problem. This means you may need pest control to eliminate a rodent problem. Critter Removal Service can inspect your home and help eliminate the mice if necessary along with the snake removal. We offer regular rodent control programs to make sure they stay away.

Whether you choose to call us for professional trapping and removal service or order our snake traps here on our website, you can be sure that you are making a responsible decision. Our methods, both in person or our DIY traps are humane and safe for the snakes. Remember, if you order one of our traps, text us a photo of the snake once it is in the trap and we will tell you what type of snake it is. Our goal is always to be safe for our clients, our employees and the animals. Part of that safety is making sure you know if you are dealing with a venomous snake or a harmless one. Bites from any snake are painful and should be avoided especially from a venomous snake. Ultimately, having a snake free home is what everyone wants. Contact us today for assistance and one of our certified experts will inspect your home right away.